The History of Niata

Aghios Dimitrios was built after 1850 by the inhabitants of the village of Giotsali. In 1944 it was burnt down by the Germans and 21 of its inhabitants were executed, mainly women, children and old men. Apidia is 6000 years old. An ornament of the village is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin with its unique architecture. The marble icon screen, richly decorated, is also magnificent. Kremasti at an altitude of 800m. has many springs and next to the village starts a forest of fir trees. Niata was built in the late Byzantine era. On the 18th September 1825, the army of Ibrahim captured many inhabitants, among them 74 children and 7 women and slaughtered 30 men.

At Niata the old wind-mills and dozens of stone wells around the village, are really noteworthy.