Welcome to Niata, Greece

Niata is a municipality in Laconia, Greece. Population 2,666 (2001). The seat of the municipality is in Agios Dimitrios. The municipality is comprised of the villages of Niata, Agios Dimitrios, Apidia, and Kremasti.

The Municipality of Niata is semi-mountainous and dry, with the exception of Apidia, which commands underground water resources and cultivates citrus fruit, garden products, olives and tobacco. Around Aghios Dimitrios and Niata un-watered olives are grown. Animal rearing, almost on ecological lines is a significant factor.The honey produced in the area is of excellent quality as there is abundant thyme here.

There are taverns that also serve traditional dishes, such as home-made pasta (“gogyes”), pies and other local delicacies. The visitor may buy local pasta made in a small industry of Niata, feta and myzithra cheese and olive oil.